20 Apr

                             I may be a moron.


I agreed to live with Dave the Pilot and Pete the Archaeologist but I forgot to ask for the address.  I don’t want to call Dave the Pilot and ask for fear he will realize that I am indeed a moron and I don’t want that to be the impression he forms of me before I actually meet him.  The Boss knows the address.  She was kind enough to scope the place out for me to make sure I wouldn’t be living with 2 axe wielding fetishists. Because axe wielding murderers was too clichéd

She never met Pete the Archaeologist but she told me Dave the Pilot was a nice guy.  It could be a ruse though.  Also, Pete the Archaeologist may not exist and could just be a puppet that Dave the Pilot talks to when he’s lonely. We won’t know for certain until I get there in person 

Now, back to the purpose of this update.  Once I realized I was a moron for not asking for the address, I decided to be clever and use Canada 411 to avoid the (imaginary) embarrassment.  It failed. 

I typed in Dave the Pilot’s name and the city and hit enter (as is protocol).  It then promptly told me that Dave the Pilot lives in DUNDAS, ONTARIO.  I called it a dirty rotten liar and asked where the hell is Dundas, Ontario?

Here.  Dundas, ON is here.



So my attempt at cleverness was a failure and I’ll have to bite the bullet and call Dave the Pilot and ask for the address…


Dave the Pilot is actually an axe wielding fetishist on the run for identity theft with his puppet Pete the Archaeologist and the real Dave the Pilot really does live in Dundas, ON.

If that’s the case then I have to find a new place to live.




There are 2 people with the same name.

                      *sigh* but one can dream, can’t they?


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One response to “Update

  1. Sarah

    April 20, 2011 at 4:08 am

    This post was very educational. I learned that Dundas is a city and a Dave who may or may not be a pilot/axe-wielding fetishist lives there. Lmao.


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