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02 May

On this episode of Adventures in Mountain Time, the museum intern arrives in Northern BC and meets The Boss, Dave the Pilot and Pete the Archaeologist.

So…I’ve arrived in Northern BC.

I’ve met the major characters in this drama I call life.

They weren’t how I’d imagined they’d be…isn’t that always the case?

First off, let me tell you about my flight.  Mostly uneventful.


For the lady with the giant chicken sculpture.

The flight out of Toronto to Vancouver was uneventful.  I watched Toy Story 3 (sad) and Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (surprisingly decent).  I thought my neighbour seatmate was rubbing my leg for the first 3 hours of the flight, but it turned out it was just his little man purse.

But once I got to Vancouver, I was in the waiting area for my next flight and I saw this lady with what looked like a giant chicken sculpture stuffed upside down into her bag.  Once on the plane, it was confirmed to be a giant polka dotted rooster sculpture (she took it to the bathroom with her).

And that was the only interesting thing about my flight.

This is not the plane I was on, but it’s like exactly the same as the one I was on, didn’t get a picture of the one I was on, so I took a picture of the one next to me. From the window of the plane I was on.

Now for my first impressions of my new roommates and supervisor.

Dave the Pilot.  Older than I thought he’d be from the sound of his voice.  Interesting fact I learned from the walls in the basement: he races/raced motorcycles.  Haven’t asked him about it yet.  Very nice guy, friendly and talkative.

Pete the Archaeologist.  Sadly looks nothing like the stereotypical archaeologist image I had in my head.  He’s a smaller man, short hair, well dressed, as friendly and talkative as Dave the Pilot, also older than I thought he’d be.  Interesting fact about Pete the Archaeologist:  he is real and not a puppet that Dave the Pilot talks to when lonely.

He looks nothing like this *le sigh*

The Boss. Young, quiet, super nice. And that’s all I got to say about that.  Interesting fact about The Boss: she’s probably not as young as I think she is, because she does have her Masters.

Look...The Rocky Mountains...from the sky!

Now, for my major disappointment upon arriving in Northern BC.  There are NO MOUNTAINS.  At least not where I am.  Doesn’t matter, I’m not changing the title of the blog…you can’t make me, I won’t do it.  I am still in Mountain Standard Time so the title is still applicable (I’m not being whiny).  This part of Northern BC is still mostly prairie land; I’m on the wrong side of the Rockies and fairly close to the Alberta border.  There are some hills and valleys which I saw from the plane, so it’s not completely flat (a lot flatter than Ontario, though).


...with hills and valleys...

This is how we got off the plane, where we had to wait on the tarmac for them to unload the carry on luggage (plane was too small for stuff to fit in overhead compartments) before going inside to get our checked luggage

Now I’m off to explore…hopefully more pictures to follow.

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