Field Trip!

08 May

Went on a field trip yesterday.  Had a VERY scenic drive. It was beautiful.  The deer were out in force.  I have never seen so many deer in one day before.

erm…Except for that time at Canada’s Wonderland where I was mobbed by a … (what do you call a large number of deer? Stampede, pod, flock, herd, murder?) *large number of deer* all because I had a few kernels of food.

Since I was in the passenger seat I was in charge of deer spotting.  I didn’t do very well. Those buggers are hard to spot in their brown fur against brown grass and trees.  But between the 3 of us we spotted 52 live deer!  And I say live because we also saw dead ones.  We saw 1 and a half dead deer as well.

I also spotted a moose!  Which I mistook for a donkey on the way back *sheepish grin.* It wasn’t a full size moose; it wasn’t a baby either…more like a teenager.  He (I assume it was a he due to no basis in fact) was just minding his own business eating some grass along the tree line, not bothered in the slightest by the cars whizzing by.  He was cute.  I’ve never seen a moose in real life before, only in pictures and movies. It was exciting for me, cuz I’m lame like that.

Now for the pictures from our VERY scenic drive.  Unfortunately they don’t do the Peace River Valley justice. It’s SO much better in person.  Also I wish there were leaves on the trees…it’s too bad I won’t be here in the fall, just to see this with all the colourful leaves.





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