Things I’ve Learned Thus Far…

08 May

So…like the title says…I’ve learned some stuff…and I feel like sharing…and doing it in a numerical fashion.

1.        I’ve “learned” that Pete the Archaeologist is not a puppet that Dave the Pilot talks to when he’s lonely but in fact a retro robot that Dave the Pilot has created and decided to keep as a pet.

This is what you get when you Google 'retro robot

I came to this conclusion due to a number of suspicious circumstances.  The first being that Pete the Archaeologist is always so damn chipper (granted I’ve only been here a week, but still).  Next, I rarely see Pete the Archaeologist.  This could be because he works and has an hour long walk in order to get there and he’s also working on his PhD and therefore busy, but NO. I choose to believe that this lends support to my retro robot theory.  Now for why I believe him to be a RETRO robot.  This is because he’s old.  Not like ancient grandpa kind of old, more like old enough to have gone out of style but now is coming back into fashion, like a vintage car, or … 70s fashions.  Lastly, Dave the Pilot totally could have made himself a robot for a pet, he likes tinkering on cars and junk and that’s totally related to robotics, right?

2.        Dave the Pilot (wait for it) pilots helicopters!

3.        Dave the Pilot and The Boss have totally been ‘shipped.  I now fear my powers of prophecy because as everyone knows…with great power comes great responsibility…

I don’t know if I can handle the pressure.

4.        Something that is apparently common in Western cities/towns is that the roads are numbered.  They are mostly in a grid pattern and they’ll have avenues go one way and streets go the other.  So you might have a 32 Street, but also a 32 Avenue.  This is confusing to me when you’re trying to figure out where things are.

Here's a helpful graphic.

5.        BC doesn’t have milk in bags!  It comes in a jug or a carton…this has been mind blowing for me…I need a minute…

…and we’re good…

6.         It doesn’t matter where you go in Canada…there will always be a Tim Horton’s with a big line in their drive thru.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it?

7.        Northern BC has shopping, dining AND entertainment. don't lie.

8.         Someone made a life size metal sculpture of a bear…which I have to pass every day on my way to the museum.

I’ve decided to name him...Ambrose...because he looks classy and he might ask you out for tea and scones, don’t you think?

9.        BC has their version of the Loch Ness monster.  It’s called Ogopogo and it’s in Okanagan Lake.  A child in grade 5 told me so.

Click on the photo to find out more!

10.        There is such a thing as Captain Canuck.  A child did a history project on him and therefore that child is my hero.  Captain Canuck has apparently been around for 35 years.  His super powers include super speed and super strength…but that’s not what makes him awesome.  This is how the first issue is described:

“It’s eighteen years in the future. Canada has become an “Essential World Power.” Terrorists, communist renegades, space pirates and multi national drug cartels threaten Canada and the world. C.I.S.O. is created by the Canadian government to deal with these threats. Aliens from a distant planet interfere and as a result “Canada’s super agent of the future” is born.”

THAT is what makes him awesome.

Also, he looks like this.

At some point…“The Captain goes into orbit to take on space pirates who propel a sabotaged space station into his own brother’s back forty.”

Isn’t it great to be Canadian? As a Canadian Studies major, this makes me happy.  Check out for more info.

And there you have it, the things that I have learned after being a week in North Peace Country!

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One response to “Things I’ve Learned Thus Far…

  1. Michela

    May 8, 2011 at 7:44 am

    You know, back in the third grade, I did my very first presentation ever on Ogopogo. I had a bristol board and everything lol


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