Communing With Nature.

15 May

So I decided to explore a bit today.  I got a map the other day and it told me that there was a park with trails not too far from where I’m staying.  So I decided to check it out.  I get to this park and see this sign…

Disappointingly...I saw none...the only wildlife I saw was a squirrel 😦


It amused me…at the same time making me concerned.  Bears? Then I figured…whatever…carry on.

So I start down this nice new trail…

It's nice, right?

Then I realize that I wasn’t going in the direction I wanted to go.  Because “I” wanted to see the fish creek!  So I turned around and went back to where I started and went the other way.  I really should have stayed on this trail…it was so nice and flat and easy to walk on…although paved, which didn’t seem right to me, but anyway.  However, the other trail I embarked on was more visually appealing.  I encountered things like this…

"visually"... "appealing"


Which way would you choose?  I chose the stairs because I didn’t want to go sliding down that hill on my ass…because I just know that’s how I would have ended up.

So I continue on, and overall I thoroughly enjoyed my trek through the forest because I finally found some pretty things to look at in this town, such as…

can't wait for the leaves to come out!



Fish Creek...I found you, you sneaky bugger!


…and also this,

That water was moving fast!


But, I think I’ll have to go back in a couple weeks because I encountered some grossness…see for yourself.

but I didn't fall! yay, me.

ICE ON THE PATH!! It’s the middle of May for godsakes.

epitome of grossness.


And mud…there was lots of mud…and dog poop…but that’s another issue entirely.

while not gross, still amusing for the bright neon green in the middle of the forest.


Inconspicuous this bridge is not…

Also, while trekking in this “community” forest (whatever that means) I got great reception on my cell phone.  This just goes to show that Northern BC is NOT a barbaric, uncivilized place.

Also…no lumberjacks…oil barons maybe…grade 8 millionaires definitely…but no lumberjacks, at least not that I’ve come across

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One response to “Communing With Nature.

  1. Sarah

    May 19, 2011 at 5:59 am

    Ewwww snow! That is very pretty though, and I love the sign (don’t be getting attacked by wild animals please… bears or cougars). The wildlife here is mostly raccoons. I’ve seen dozens of cardinals though. They’re EVERYWHERE. It’s kind of awesome.


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