24 May

I think a lot of you have already gotten the postcards that I mailed…so let me tell you about them.

The town is not all that big and there isn’t a whole lot of tourist traffic, especially during the winter.  The museum has the best selection of postcards (and cheapest…which is important when you don’t have an income) in the whole town.  It’s not bragging if it’s true.  However, the postcards are so outdated and it’s hilarious.

I’ll let slide the ones that have a picture of the museum on the front.  The museum recently went through an expansion, so the building doesn’t look the same as it used to.  I can understand that they haven’t gotten new postcards with the museum on them yet.  It’s not really our top priority.

What’s hilarious are the other outdated postcards.  Some of them are so old and have been there for so long that the paper has yellowed.  I just went with it.  I stayed away from the really old ones and the ones of places that I haven’t been to yet, but yeah…

Sorry for the outdated postcards?  It’s still fun to get mail though, right?  Even if it might not be an accurate representation of what it’s portraying?

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