Prepare for the eventual Robot overlords…

24 May

I forgot to tell you!  I got a new roommate…errr…2 weeks ago?  She’s cool; she’s an intern at the hospital.  So, like me, she’s not getting paid!  Go us, right?

It was kind of concerning when she got here though…

I didn’t see Pete the Archaeologist for a week.  So immediately I thought, hmmm…Dave the Pilot must have put his retro robot buddy into storage because he’s not lonely anymore. Because it’s only logical.

Also I think Dave the Pilot likes Nurse Alana (the new roommate) better than me.  I mean, just because she wants to ACTUALLY talk to him and hang out with him, that’s no reason to like her better, is it?

Heed the warning!

But yeah, back to putting Pete the Archaeologist into storage.  Nurse Alana shows up, and she and Dave the Pilot are being all buddy, buddy and whatnot and Pete the Archaeologist is nowhere to be found.  So I’m thinking…this is suspicious.  Nurse Alana has taken the place of the Retro Robot Archaeologist…Nurse Alana is the cure to loneliness?

But then Pete the Archaeologist shows up again (apparently he had to go out of town for work, and I didn’t even notice he was gone, I thought he was in his room the whole time O.o).  This cannot be a good thing though. You can’t piss off the robots.  It won’t end well.

The ONLY conclusion, when robots are involved.

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