Vandalism as Entertainment

03 Jul

Does anyone remember Ambrose?  The classy bear sculpture?  Here let me remind you.

I walk past Ambrose the Classy Bear every day on my way to and from the museum.  I noticed a while ago that someone got a little frisky with him at some point because there was a green hand print on his posterior.  I remember thinking, heh, that’s funny, but poor Ambrose got taken advantage of…

Well last week I notice that another hand print has joined the green one!  This one is midnight black.  The only logical conclusion that can be surmised is that aliens have come to Northern BC to feel up poor Ambrose’s derriere.  I arrived at this conclusion because humans just don’t come in those colours.  I know that this seems strange and impossible to our human sensibilities, I mean why would someone come from another planet just to touch a bear’s behind?  All I can say is that aliens are unfathomable and we can’t hope to understand them for the very fact that they are aliens and therefore “alien” to us (sorry, it couldn’t be helped).

Oh oh, another thought!  Maybe the hand print is some kind of sign to other aliens saying something, like…halt before going any further into this galaxy or the next you must first place your hand upon this bear’s keister. (Ever notice how many words their are for butt?  why is that?)

Alright.  So, there’s that.

Something else that I pass every day on my way to the museum is this lovely lady.

I call her Ms. Moustache…cuz that’s her name.

But really doesn’t it look like she has an epic moustache?  Like a fu Manchu ‘stache or something?  Poor girl, she is so pretty otherwise.  I think the giant flower is meant to distract from her ‘stache, but I don’t think it is entirely successful.

I also discovered Mario, from the Super Mario Bros. painted on the wall of a convenience store…but I don’t actually remember where that convenience store is so I can’t get a picture of it.

Long story short, the moral of this post is to show that graffiti can be fun!  All you got to do is use your imagination.

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