Welcome to Chetwynd

31 Jul

So I did some sightseeing.  One of the places I went to was Chetwynd (more on the other places to come).  And what does Chetwynd have to offer you ask? (besides a sketchy motel)

Well…there’s…umm…chainsaw sculptures…and…chainsaw sculptures…and…oh right! Chainsaw sculptures!

In 2005, Chetwynd started the Annual Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship.  (in dramatic voice) Which has changed the face of Chetwynd FOREVER.  Apparently artists come from all over the world to compete in this competition.  The town keeps each of the sculptures made during the competition and deposits them around the town.  There are A LOT of them.

Here’s a small sampling.

There are over 30 in this image alone.  Some of them are amazingly impressive.

Chetwynd declares itself the “Chainsaw Sculpture Capital of the World.”  I don’t think anyone is going to challenge their claim.

Their hallmark statue is a lumberjack.  He’s 2.7 m tall, carries an axe and is in midstep.  He’s called The Little Giant.  He’s been in Chetwynd since 1966.  In 2009 the original statue was replaced by a wooden replica to reflect the popularity of the annual chainsaw carving event.

They dress him in a Santa suit at Christmas.

Long story short? Chetwynd has chainsaw carvings. Now you know.

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One response to “Welcome to Chetwynd

  1. Jessica Smith

    August 1, 2011 at 10:14 am

    that is awsome !!!! i love all the sculptures !!! BEAUTIFUL


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