Northern BC’s Gold Rush Town…Barkerville

02 Aug

Barkerville is the largest historic site in British Columbia.  It was the largest town of the Cariboo Gold Rush and is now preserved as a historic town.  It was rainy and dreary the day we were there but it was still lots of fun.

This was my favourite sign.  I think you can see why.

There were mannequins, but instead of trying so hard not to be creepy that they instead are horrifying, the mannequins of Barkerville go for amusing entertainment…and succeed immensely.  This guy was slightly around a corner and out of sight.  So that when you peeked around the corner, surprise!  A mannequin missing a bloody finger.

These guys though were my favourite.  I think they sum up nicely the experience that is going to a dentist. (Going to a dentist is legalized torture I swear…it’s awful)

The interpreters of Barkerville are amazing.  My favourite was the Waterwheel Show.  The premise of the show is to reopen the mine and the owner (the interpreter in the photo) is attempting to encourage investors.  She has an assistant who is a buffoon/engineer and they interact with the audience.  They are hilarious and entertaining and to top it off they actually run the Cornish Waterwheel (the wooden thing in the background) at the end.

Other interpreters include the drunken lawyer who stumbles around the town mumbling incoherently, the priest, the Chinese school teacher and many others.


Barkerville is cool and you should totally go…if you know…you’re in the neighbourhood.


Oh and this was in the parking lot.

I would be embarrassed to be seen in something like this, but hey all the power to…whoever drives this thing.

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