Greetings. My name is purple and slightly unstable.

07 Oct

Hello, I’m GrapeJenga. Well, not really, because that sounds like the really sticky results of letting a Kindergarten class play board games while eating P&J sandwiches (which you should never let any Kindergarten class eat because, statistically speaking, one of them probably has a nut allergy). I don’t know why I’m calling myself that. It’s weird. It’s not like I’m purple. The unstable part may be debated…

But you’re wondering who I am and why I’m invading this blog. I do have answers for you, promise. I’ll start with a quick bio and go from there:

Growing up, one of my favourite parts of every holiday dinner occurred several days after the dinner itself. No, I’m not talking about the left-overs – though I do love mashing all the components of a turkey dinner  into a delicious sludge when no one is looking and smothering it in ketchup. Mmmmm…

a bowl of mashed potatoes with ketchup

Google Images says that I am not the only one

…But my somewhat alarming tastes in comfort foods aren’t really that relevant to this story. As you might have guessed from my random tangent there, most of our holiday dinners featured turkey in a big way, and those turkeys had wishbones. That bone would get washed off and then it would sit on a high shelf for a week or so following the dinner to get dried out. Once it was all brittle and crackly I would take one end between finger and thumb, and my brother would take the other, and we’d each think on a wish, and we’d pull and –


It was just like magic, even if half the wishes never came true. But one of my wishes was to travel, and that one has come true and keeps coming true in the most amazing ways. So, without further ado, I introduce you to Vanuatu, the country which is shaped like a wish:

Map of Vanuatu

taken from

(okay, that was incredibly corny, sorry)

Right, the short version: If all goes according to plan I’ll be living in Vanuatu this winter, well summer, um… the seasons get a bit confusing when you cross the equator. Any guesses what I’ll be doing there? Did someone say “Museum Internship”? You are correct! Museum studies, you see, can lead you to all sorts of awesome and exotic places, like Northern B.C. and the South Pacific. My good friend themuseumintern has offered me a guest spot on Adventures in Mountain Times to document the experience. This works out really well because Vanuatu also has mountains. From what I understand they sometimes fling lava…


Taken from

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