One Month

24 Nov

One month in Vanuatu.

Or nearly anyway. I’ll know it’s one month and time to start panicking when December 7th and my visa re-application deadline rolls around.

I haven’t been up-dating as much as I meant too, or taking as many pictures. There’s something about being on your own that makes taking pictures that much more awkward, but I will take more because there are places and people that I don’t want to forget.

So, things that I’ve learned in a month:

– Mi learnum taktak smol Bislama.

– I’ve become very good at getting the juice out of a coconut. My technique for opening the coconut the rest of the way, however, could do with some improvement.

– I’ve learned how to grate the inside out of a coconut and make fresh coconut crème.

– I’ve learned to use a gas stove

– And discovered that I’m allergic to pima… Pima, the Bislama word for hot peppers, not my job with PIMA. Which is odd, because I eat loads of them at home, but here, nope, food poisoning with hot peppers isn’t an experience I’m in any hurry to repeat.

– Raw peanuts are much better than roasted ones

– Aelan cabbage is good for an upset stomach

– Kumala is good when its hot

– Ants WILL get into EVERYTHING

– Tropikal Market and the downtown market are two very different things. Make sure you specify which when taking to the bus driver

– Buses are vans and run more like taxis than buses

– Lunch is a two hour siesta and its AWESOME

– I should’ve brought more books

And finally, people are friendlier than you could ever believe. You walk down the street and everyone says hello. People are proud of their country and want to tell you all about it. They want to hear about your family and talk about theirs. It’s humbling.

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