It never rains but it pours…

05 Feb

know that expression it never rains but it pours?

Last week we were scheduled two cyclones, both of which managed to miss us. This week seemed okay. A bit rainy (it’s been rainy every day for nearly a month), but then the rain cleared a bit and it got nice and warm. How lovely.

Then on Thursday night we had a 7.1 earthquake. It didn’t do any damage, but that was a, um, interesting way to wake up at half past twelve. Then I was awake until past one listening to the news making absolutely sure that there was no tsunami warning. The final verdict was “Probably no tsunami but don’t go swimming and if you are beside the ocean and hear a loud noise or see the water retreating run away.”

Okay. But there was no tsunami which is good since we’re relatively close to the water even if we can’t see it (there’s a lovely oil refinery blocking our view) and my flatmate had decided that her pillow would protect her from all danger.

Today things have gotten more fun as three tropical depressions swirl around us. When the landlord started nailing boards over the windows we decided it would be a good idea to go out and get some water, food and matches.

It was an interesting trip to the market. The market is right by the sea wall and you could see these giant, pale blue waves crashing against (and often over it) a few meters away as we stocked up on essentials like coconuts and bread. We’re nicely settled in now, waiting and hoping for it to pass.

The lodge is up a hill and has two stories so I’m not overly worried about the sea surge. It’s also very sturdily built. I feel badly for the people who have less sturdy places to take shelter.

Anyways, I’m a bit amazed that the connection is working. It might not later and I forgot to top up my phone because I am a dunce. But know that I am well-stocked and safe.

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