Great Scott!

23 Jul

I gots a job! Yay! Well I already had a job but that’s another story…

What I mean is I got a job where I will be using my education! WOOT! It’s what I went to school for, meaning the last 5 years weren’t a waste of time and money! (That wasn’t supposed to sound so bitter)

So you’re probably wondering what this magical, education using job is, right? Well maybe not, maybe you’re thinking of something else… like cupcakes…or flamingoes… or the Back to the Future reference I made in the title…

but in case you are wondering about the job that I have been so fortunate to obtain, here it is.

I will be completing a Collections Management Internship in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Which, granted, probably sounds incredibly dull to anyone who has no interest in museums but for me, it’s awesome. I love working in collections and I hope that I can continue working with collections for a very long time.

Working with museum collections, for me, combines everything that I enjoy into something that I can get paid for. You have your history, the fact that every day you learn something new, combined with the hands on, practical, physicality of actually doing and creating something. Plus you also have the opportunity for interaction with the community. By working with a museum’s collection you learn about the history of the community by seeing what has shaped it into what it is today but also get to feel as though you are a part of something and contributing to something important. At least that’s how I feel about it anyway.

Sadly, the duration of the internship is only 4 months. But it will be a great opportunity and will give me great experience so that I can land that next job! I hope *fingers crossed* to be able to update here regularly but I don’t know if that will actually happen.

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