Making Connections

30 Jul

By “connections” I mean where you have to take multiple flights to reach your destinations. Any other connections are completely acceptable, like connecting the dots…lots of fun that.

In case you didn’t know what I meant by “connect” “the” “dots”

But travelling to a far away destination where you have to make multiple connections in different airports to do so, that’s not fun. That’s stressful.

To get to Cape Breton, I flew…because it’s too far to walk, duh. I got this amazing deal on a flight but I had to stop in Montreal and then in Halifax before finally ending up in Cape Breton. Also this was flying out of Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto.

So I thought, what the hell, I’d do it, because really I was only inconveniencing myself and no one else so no big deal. So I booked the flight. Then I started to look at where Billy Bishop Airport was, because I had never flown out of there before. Turns out it is right downtown Toronto. That was the first problem. Downtown Toronto meant downtown Toronto traffic and that’s never fun. So I started thinking, hmm…this is going to be troublesome because no one likes driving in Toronto.

I came up with the brilliant solution of taking the train. This way it was only a 20 minute drive to the train station and no one had to deal with driving in Toronto. Excellent. Plus, because I got such an awesome deal on the plane ticket I didn’t mind spending a bit extra on a train ticket too. So I went on the website and discovered that Via was having a sale for Canada Day. Score! 75% anywhere in Canada! Sold. For $200 I could travel to the East Coast from basically my own home. No trouble at all, right? I’m all excited thinking of the great deal I got up to and including arriving at the train station, the day of my departure.

I’m at the train station and they tell everyone to go to the track because the train will be arriving soon. So we’re waiting…and waiting…and no train.

Uh oh.

My trip was planned so that I had 2 ½ hours to get from Union Station to Billy Bishop before my flight left. This window is slowly getting smaller. They finally tell us there is a problem on the tracks and they are down to only one so there is a bit of a back up but the train should be coming soon.

I start to panic, what am I going to do? I’ve already been left at the station so I can get to Toronto when the train finally does come but what if I miss my flight? Then I’m stranded in Toronto. NOOOO!!!

Finally the train comes. An hour late. So my 2 ½ hour window is now an hour and a half. But once I reach Toronto I have to find where they’ve got my luggage then I have to find the shuttle stop outside of Union Station that will take me to Billy Bishop. I’m sure I looked calm on the outside but oh boy was my insides ever anxious. I get my luggage and as I’m crossing the street, I see the shuttle bus. Great, I’m going in the right direction. Then it pulls away as I’m walking towards it.


At least I had a nice view while waiting for the Airport shuttle.

Now I have to wait 15 minutes for the next one. The next one comes. I get to Billy Bishop with literally a half hour until my flight is scheduled to leave. Luckily there is no line up to check my luggage and get my boarding pass. I’m talking to the lady and she can’t find my name finally determining that I’m in the wrong line.

You have to take a ferry to get to the airport. Fun!

Ack! Embarrassing.

When I get to the right line the lady tells me that my flight is delayed by half an hour. Sigh. All that panicking for nothing. But then I think. Damn! I only had an hour between flights in Montreal, this might be a problem. I get to Montreal and I literally have 20 minutes to get to my next flight. But I didn’t know what gate to go to. Could I find one of those signs that tell you flights and boarding gates? Nope. I walked from one end of the airport to the other before finding one and then had to walk all the way to the other end to get to the right gate. But I made the next flight.

It too was delayed. Of course. And I went through the whole thing again in Halifax, trying to find the right gate for my flight. Even my last flight of the day was late leaving the airport, by 5 minutes. Not cool.

But I made it to Cape Breton eventually.

The moral of the story? I should have just paid the extra $100 to take a direct flight and avoided all this stress.

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