The Mysteries of Curling

15 Aug

I’ve got a new roommate this past week. She comes from China. This is her first time in Canada. She’s come to learn English and all about Canadian Culture. This should be easy for me; after all I was a Canadian Studies major. But it’s not easy. Not at all. Canadian “Culture” is complicated and difficult to pinpoint. It pretty much boils down to…not American, but I digress.

Today we were walking down the street when we walked past the Curling Club. So she asks me, “What is ‘Curling Club’?” My first reaction was to laugh and go, “well.” Because this was what popped into my mind.

Oh, Norway…

Then I started thinking about how to actually explain this thing called Curling. So this how the conversation went:

Me: Well there’s ice.

Her: So it’s like skating.

Me: Well, no…but they wear skates…I think?

Her: *confused look*

Me: And they have like these big rocks, which they slide on the ice and you have to get the rocks into the circle at the other end of the ice.

Her: oookay…

Me: It’s a sport! It’s fun? Also they wear funny pants… Ok, look I really don’t know anything about Curling beyond that so you’re going to have to Google it.

Her: Yes, I think I will.

So as you can see, I’m clearly overqualified when it comes to explaining Canadian “Culture.”

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One response to “The Mysteries of Curling

  1. jessica

    August 20, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    lol furry hats


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