Highland Village

13 Sep

The Highland Village Museum is a living history museum dedicated to telling the history of Gaelic Culture in Nova Scotia. They take you through history starting from the time before the Scottish people came to Nova Scotia and were living in stone huts that look like this.

Then as you walk through the “village” you travel through time and enter buildings set up to represent different time periods from when they first arrived in Nova Scotia, to clearing the land and being able to build bigger houses to the time when becoming fully established in their new homes and towns. All of this is done in a beautiful setting, which gives you panoramic views of the Bras D’Or lakes. Also there are plenty of costumed interpreters who act their parts fabulously.

I found the church to be the most interesting part of the village.

It was moved from its original location in 2003, I think it was. There is a book, inside the church, that shows you pictures of this huge undertaking. The church was moved from Malagawatch, which is a fairly short distance away. But it was moved via the lake. This book shows pictures of the church being floated across the river and it’s really incredible to think about. The church is not small.

And lastly, something that amused me greatly. This.

Any idea what it is? It’s a dog treadmill. A dog would be placed on there and made to walk. A churn would be hooked up to the treadmill to churn butter. Ingenious, no? Also…slightly hilarious, but mostly ingenious.

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