Alexander Graham Bell

14 Sep

So, everyone knows who Alexander Graham Bell is, right? Inventor of the telephone? Canadian? And that’s probably all anyone can really remember about him too, at least it was in my case. But it turns out Alexander Graham Bell was a VERY diverse individual. Not only did he invent the telephone, he also was innovative in things like speed boats, kites, airplanes, helping deaf people communicate and the list goes on. I learned all this at the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck.

I was super impressed with this museum. I honestly read every single piece of text in it, because I just wanted to know more. Usually I skim through a lot of exhibit text and only focus on the things that interest me. I had no idea that Bell was such a fascinating individual. I wanted to go to this museum, but I thought it would be a lot smaller, because it’s only focused on a single individual. But Bell kept a ton of records and made models of most of his experiments so the museum has quite a substantial collection in order to make exhibits from.

Anyway, like I said before, if you know who Alexander Graham Bell is, it’s probably because you know he invented the telephone. But what you probably don’t know, are some of the more … unusual… things he was involved in. Like teaching a dog to speak

Trying to turn human breath into water. Which, to me, sounds disgusting, but never mind that.

I don’t know if you can read the text in that photo but it explains that Bell was interested in helping provide drinking water to men stranded at sea.

Something else he was interested in was trying to build a bicycle that drives on water

Which, granted, would be pretty awesome. The display didn’t say whether or not he was successful in this venture.

Lastly, I think the weirdest thing I learned at the Alexander Graham Bell museum was that Bell was interested in sheep breeding and was successful in breeding a multi-nippled sheep.

The sign in this display case says that Bell desired to develop a flock of sheep that would consistently bear twins and believed that there was a relationship between the number of nipples a sheep had and the number of lambs it would bear. After 30 years he determined that no such relationship existed.

Needless to say, it’s probably a good thing that Alexander Graham Bell is remembered as the man who invented the telephone and not the man who invented the multi-nippled sheep. I don’t think anyone wants that to be their everlasting legacy.

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