Les Trois Pignons

15 Sep

Cheticamp on Cape Breton Island is known for being a centre of Acadian culture and for making hooked rugs. Les Trois Pignons, which I think translates to “The Three Gables,” presumably applies to their building.

Les Trois Pignons is a museum dedicated to telling the story of the Acadian people in Cheticamp and the history of rug hooking. For a museum of its size, it is surprising impressive. Most times when one enters a community museum the exhibits are all just random objects from the collection with little explanation as to why they may be on display. But at Les Trois Pignons the exhibits follow a central theme and flow as a whole and are organized quite nicely. The exhibit panels are very professional looking and easy to read.

There was just one little thing that was a little … off, in my opinion.

This. This is off. Creepy mannequin is creepy. And then I realized that they made the mannequin to resemble the woman in the painting! That. Is. Just. Wrong. And the expression on the mannequin’s face *shudder*. It’s like a come hither look. But more like a come hither so I can eat your face, kind of thing. It was unnerving to stand directly in front of the mannequin.

But aside from that, the museum had an impressive collection of hooked rugs.

These included rugs created by Elizabeth LeFort which are absolutely amazing. The picture above and the one below are both rugs done by Elizabeth LeFort.

They are rugs! I had to get up close to inspect them because they look like paintings. The detail is incredible and the work that must have gone into them is mind boggling. They are…simply amazing.

Point of fact: Did you know that rug hooking was invented on the East Coast of North America about 150 to 200 years ago?

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