Whale Watching

16 Sep

A trip to the East Coast isn’t complete without going on a whale watching tour. Therefore, we complied. It was so much fun. We took a zodiac boat and there were only four of us on the particular tour we were on. With the smaller boat we got right up close and personal to the whales and it was awesome.

We only saw one kind of whale, the pilot whale but it was still lots of fun. The tour operator/captain was really informative and friendly and he made sure that we were able to take lots of pictures. We also saw a seal and several bald eagles. All to the backdrop of the Cape Breton coastline.

The water was very “choppy” making the boat ride rather intense. The captain made sure to tell us that the water was choppy… but he wouldn’t quite call it rough. After experiencing what he called “choppy” I would hate to see what he called rough! There were times when he would stop the boat and we would rock back and forth and side to side and it made me a little queasy. The waves were probably the height of the boat and we took them head on, making us go up and down and make quite a splash. At times it felt as though we went into the air and came down hard. It was so worth it though.

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