Highlands National Park

18 Sep

At the northern most point of Cape Breton Island is the Highlands National Park. As you travel the Cabot Trail you go in and out of this national park. Turned into a park in 1936, it offers many trails to allow you to take in the beautiful wilderness that is Cape Breton. There are all sorts of trails suitable for people of varying … hiking skill? Including trails that are suitable for clumsy oaf extraordinaire such as myself.

For some strange reason, this next thing amused me greatly.

It’s a bog. A wheelchair accessible bog to be exact. I’m all about things being accessible. Making things accessible is wonderful and I think all things should be accessible to everyone at all times. But a wheelchair accessible bog just sounds like an oxymoron to me. One definition of the word bog is: a place or thing that slows improvement or impedes progress.

That’s funny, is it not?


Waterfalls! Highlands National Park has waterfalls. Like this one.

Which is really quite small. Then there is this one

Which is quite a bit bigger. It’s name is Beulach Ban Falls. You have to drive down a scary dirt road to get to it. But it’s pretty so it was probably worth it.

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One response to “Highlands National Park

  1. Jessica

    September 20, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Waterfalls ARE BEAUTIFUL !!! 😀 But i would be super happy to use that bog trail lol ! No wet shoes for me plus you arent interfering with the habitat, unless you scare the animals…. lol


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