Charlottetown: The Birthplace of Confederation

21 Sep

Charlottetown is the largest city on Prince Edward Island. Over 60 000 people live there and that’s almost half of the entire province of PEI! Canada was born in Charlottetown and they are very proud of that fact. Also of Anne of Green Gables. But that’s more of an entire PEI thing than just Charlottetown. In 1864 the founding fathers gathered in Charlottetown to propose and discuss the Canadian Confederation. Three years later on July 1st, 1867, Canada was born. And the rest, they say, is history.

Charlottetown is a beautiful city, in my opinion. It has beautiful old buildings that give the city a dignified air and when walking down the streets you can easily pretend you are a hundred years in the past.

One of the most beautiful buildings that we encountered when we wandered the streets was St. Dunstan’s Basilica. It’s an elaborate gothic style church that brings to mind the great cathedrals of Europe. This cathedral was completed in 1919. It became a designated National Historic Site of Canada in 1990. Due to its spires it is the tallest building in Charlottetown and the most visible landmark in the city.

Not only is the outside beautiful… and slightly imposing, but the inside is just as amazing. There are almost 300 angels depicted in the stained glass within the church. The basilica is huge; the rose window alone is 14 feet across. The basilica is beautifully restored and most wonderfully…open to the public. So just walk on in and gawk unabashedly at the marvel of architecture set before you.

I also really enjoyed Charlottetown’s waterfront. They have quite the extensive boardwalk that takes you along the edge of the water, with the red stones prominently in display.

I just love old cities like this that have so much history that you can feel it and see it wherever you look. Every building is dripping with history and has a story that it is just dying to tell you if you only ask.

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