Anne of Green Gables: The Musical

23 Sep

I love musicals. Just want to put that out there. I don’t know why, there is just something about musicals that makes me smile. Maybe I just like to think that life comes with a soundtrack. And one day soon I’m hoping that everyone around me is going to break into song and a heavily choreographed dance that everyone knows the steps to at some pivotal moment and no one will bat an eye because that’s just the way life’s gotta be. Yeah that needs to happen.

Anyway… I went to see Anne of Green Gables: The Musical. Oh, you didn’t know that someone made Anne of Green Gables into a musical? Well, how about this. Anne of Green Gables: The Musical is Canada’s longest running musical. It first debuted in 1965!

It was delightful. I enjoyed it immensely. We had 2nd row seats that we got for $20 each and it was fantastic. I loved the songs, the sets were amazing, the cast was fantastic and they couldn’t have picked a better actress to play Anne. The only thing I thought was a little strange was the plays characterization of Matthew. In the book, he is a shy, reserved man who is afraid of women. For some reason in the play, they boil this down to him having a stuttering problem. They also turned Gilbert into a bit of a creepy stalker. But that might just be me. Aside from that, it was great

Now for something a little strange. This next picture is a large scale model of Green Gables, made of sugar or gumpaste or something like that. It’s in the lobby of the theatre.

It was made by a cake designer, whose name I’ve forgotten, in Japan. For some reason, Anne of Green Gables is really popular in Japan. They love it there and PEI gets thousands of Japanese tourists every year just to see all things Anne. Who knew?

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