Bemoaning the lack of hats.

07 Oct

People don’t really wear hats anymore. Have you noticed? Why is that? Aside from the fedora, because for some reason that’s popular. A hipster thing or something. And at sporting events, because that’s a way of supporting your team while still being able to walk down the street without looking like the nutjob who paints his entire body in team colours.

But what about just in your day to day interactions? No one really wears hats anymore. Unless I’ve just been missing the giant hat wearing population that exists within our midst? No. I know! I just have to go to the UK and go to the horse races. They all wear crazy hats there.

But wait… the horse races are a sporting event… Guess I could just be the Queen of England.

I’ve been going through the textiles at the museum and there are an impressive number of hats. Women’s hats, mostly. Some of them are pretty awesome…some of them…not so much. So I started thinking about people wearing hats and how no one really does that anymore. I think I own like one hat and that’s the obligatory toque that one needs in Canada in the winter where you have to go outside in -40 weather and you don’t want your ears to fall off. So it doesn’t really count.

I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing a hat, to be honest. I think I would feel out of place and everyone would be staring at me wondering why I was wearing a ridiculous hat.

You know what else people don’t wear anymore? Capes. Or cloaks. Whichever you prefer. One brings to mind superheroes. The other? Wizards…hmm… Maybe that’s why no one wears them anymore.  We need to bring that back. Hats and capes. It would be badass.

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