Farmtown Park

26 May

IMG_0972On the weekend, a friend and I decided to go to the museum in Stirling, Ontario. The museum has been there since 1997. I’ve grown up in the area and never knew there was a museum in Stirling until about a year ago. Since then I have heard really good things about it. Everyone who says anything about the museum always mentions that there is a street of buildings inside a building, made to look like a street in a small town in the 1940s or so (because that didn’t sound confusing at all). So I just assumed that was all there was to the museum. Just the one building with the village inside it with exhibits in the buildings and artifacts to suit each building. And really that sounded pretty cool all on its own.

IMG_0952Let’s just say I was more than impressed by this museum. It was enormous. Not only did they have the heritage village which incorporated an entire street with a chapel on the end and a one room school house outside, but they also had several more buildings on top of that! The heritage village was beautifully done and can even be rented as an event space for weddings and such.

IMG_0961Stirling cherishes their agricultural history. It’s quite impressive. And they’ve built a great monument to that history in this museum. It is great to see a community that takes such pride in their history and turned it into something amazing.

IMG_0941The main building that you enter first is the main museum dedicated to telling the history of agriculture, which is primarily dairy farming in Stirling. There are exhibits on cheese making, milking cows, making butter. Then there are other buildings dedicated to tractors, plows or steam engines in addition to the heritage village building.

If you’ve read this blog before (or know me personally) you may already know I’m creeped out by mannequins. If not, well…I’m creeped out by mannequins. I’m of the opinion that mannequins should only vaguely look like a human (you know, less likely to eat you that way). The mannequins that try to look incredibly realistic really freak me out. Also the ones that look like they are pantyhose stuffed with something. Those ones just look bloated and unnatural. I’m pretty sure they are plotting my imminent demise. Just saying.

But I digress…the point I was going to make was that I’m pretty sure there was a sale on this guy…

UntitledAnd Farmtown Park took advantage of it. There seemed to be the same mannequin with the same weird facial shadow in a variety of locations, only dressed differently. Or maybe it was the same one and he was stalking me. A very clever, sentient mannequin. That must be it.

Now…on to the machinery with facial expressions!

Untitled1Can’t you just imagine that telephone (on the left) is in the middle of saying “SHE SAID WHAT?!?!?” and the…whatever the thing on the right is, is just happy to see you. If it had arms it would be waving “Hi!” excitedly I just know it.

Did you know that there was such a thing as cheese auctions?

IMG_0946The image above shows something called a Dutch Clock. It was used to auction cheese. Here’s how it worked: The numbered discs in the centre were held by a particular buyer. When the buyer bid on a lot of cheese, the disc lit up. The window at the top displayed the current base price per pound of cheese. The clock would start at the 12 o’clock position and run counter clockwise. A buyer would click in when the hand pointed to the price of cheese he wished to pay.

I don’t know why but I thought that was weird and interesting.

Lastly, I will leave you with a bit of an enigma

IMG_0959Why is this cow out of order? What did this cow do? Could you milk it? Did it moo? Is it a magic cow? Could it talk? I guess we’ll never know because the cow is out of order…

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