This blog really gets used and abused. Well not so much abused as … neglected…yeah that’s it.

Anyway it’s going to start getting used once more because… drum roll please… I have something interesting to blog about again!

Or I think I have something interesting to blog about again… It’s interesting to me…

What’s interesting to me you may ask? Well… museums… crafts… travelling… the weird, wacky and bizarre… just to name a few. So that’s what I’m going to blog about…or try to anyway.

So here’s a little history on the blog. It started when I was in college and getting ready to do an internship in Northern BC. I was describing what my living arrangements were going to be to some friends and it sounded a bit like a sitcom. So naturally they demanded (and by demanded I mean suggested the idea and I thought… hey that might be fun!) that I create a blog and detail my adventures. And because Northern BC’s timezone is called Mountain Time, I decided that the name of the blog would be just that: Adventures in Mountain Time.

Adventures in Mountain Time

Also there were supposed to be mountains in Northern BC. Because obviously BC has mountains and therefore the whole province must be mountains (I was misinformed, there were no mountains where I was, it was sad). This was in 2011. Since then I have finished the internship but didn’t quite want to let the blog go so I continued with it in fits and starts. Briefly I lent it to a friend who completed an internship in Vanuatu and she posted some things for a while (there were volcanoes there, which are sort of like mountains so it still counts as being adventures in mountain time right?). Then I took back the reins when I moved to Cape Breton and explored the East Coast of Canada (there are mountains on Cape Breton, which I discovered much to my surprise, yay the title still fits!).

Now I’m back in my home province of Ontario (where there are no mountains, so now the title is a little strange). Over the last two years this blog has evolved to be more of a travel blog than anything else. But being as travelling is expensive and I’m currently unemployed I do not foresee any travelling for me in the near future. But what I have discovered is that there are a ton and a half of museums in my neck of the woods. Most of which I have never heard of before. This is a damnable shame and the situation must be rectified immediately. Therefore I will be undertaking a project of immense proportions (which aren’t so immense) and visit these local museums. So long story short I’m going to be a tourist in my own hometown (or of several nearby counties to be more accurate). Hopefully you enjoy it and learn something in the process.

Please feel free to leave comments but try to be considerate of my fragile ego.  My psyche, she be delicate.


2 responses to “About

  1. Dave Kellam

    December 7, 2012 at 10:38 am


    I don’t know if this is the best way to contact you, so please forgive me if I just posted in a weird place.

    I am the communications manager at a small nonprofit in Boston and I have been tasked to put together a holiday video that will be sent to our board members and close collaborators (less than 100 people). Our concept is to run a quick slide show of images over the song Jingle Bells that depict Santa doing a variety of water-related activities. This reinforces our mission as a neutral facilitator of coastal and ocean planning (see our website for more info). Each slide appears about 1 second.

    While trolling the web for images I found your Santa in a kayak ( It is a really great picture. I would like to include the image in our short 1 min production. Can you let me know what it would take to get permission to use the image?

    Here is a link to the draft video.

    I would like to send our video card this Monday. If you would like a photo credit I can include your information in a scroll at the end.

    Merry Christmas, Dave

    Dave Kellam – Communications Manager
    phone: 617.737.2600;103
    mobile: 617.548.3054
    89 South Street, Suite 202, Boston, MA 02111

    • museumnerd

      December 8, 2012 at 11:30 pm

      Yes. I don’t have a problem with you using the photo so please feel free to use the photo in your video if you like and just give credit to the blog. Thanks.


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